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Hay Hay

We are proud of the culinary heritage of Vietnam, drawing inspiration from traditional influence of Hanoi, the kitchens of the Imperial Citadel in Hue, and contemporary tastes of Ho Chi Minh City all combined with the very best local produce.

B Lounge

Our ultra-contemporary ambient vibes heat up as the evening cools down. Guests can dance, sway, groove or just relax as our resident music-meister or live entertainment creates an energetic atmosphere that completes our sophisticated lounge experience.

Sitini bar

Beautifully designed with ambient lighting, minimalist bamboo architecture and surrounded by coconut trees, Sitini offers you a breathtaking view of the ocean. Lap up the cool breeze as you watch the sun go down at the end of another perfect day at Naman Retreat.


ナマン リトリートでの休暇中に、カラフルでエキサイティングな南米料理の旅、タコス、ファヒータ、マルガリータなどの多彩なメニューを満喫し、興味深い体験をお届けします。

Cofftee Club

Absorb the mellow mood as our Cofftee Baristas delight you with their displays of coffee artistry. Indulge in a selection of homemade pastries or enjoy a decadent afternoon high tea.

The splendid setting where your experience and taste are raising to the new standards