A no-wall spa lifestyle

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Inspired by nature

Emerging in the middle of Naman Retreat as a peaceful ‘oasis’ with a unique wallless architecture, Pure Spa is a tranquil 'sanctuary' to heal, to find the source of positive energy.


Be amazed by technology

Combining natural energy with state-of-the-art technologies such as OxyJet or colon detoxification, Pure Spa owns the most advanced equipment in the country and the region to ensure optimum results for your comprehensive health.

In addition, Pure Spa is also equipped with 15 luxury spa rooms, Jacuzzi baths, sauna and steam baths, fitness rooms, yoga rooms … Step into the enchanting and unbound Pure Spa of us, you have entered a world of perfect bliss.

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Health care program

Yoga & reiki class

With multiple choices and unlimited participation in Naman Retreat’s daily Yoga and Meditation classes, you will learn how to awaken internal energy and use it to heal body, mind, and soul under the guidance of experienced experts.

Wellbeing program

The Detox journey package stimulates the regeneration and removal of “”toxins”” in your body and mind. At the same time, you will be provided with healthy “”nutrition”” from whole foods as well as mental therapy throughout the program.

Spa services

Enjoy the variety of Pure Spa treatments, from traditional Naman massages to shiatsu-style (Japanese-style massage treatments), and pampering with a holistic approach to body, healing therapies, or designing your itinerary.

Wellness membership

Membership program at Pure Spa will be a bridge to help us become an indispensable part of your daily life, walking along with you on a lifelong journey of health care

Our professionals

Giri - Yoga Master

With the certificates of Refresh Yoga Teacher in Nepal, Yoga Training in India, Meditation, Ayurvedic, Nutrition and 16 years of experience entirely in training Yoga especially in Luxury Hotels & Resorts, Yoga Master Giri can teach different types of yoga and meditation according to your needs.

"Yoga is an art which helps you to live your life better, stable and balanced in this commercial world" - Mr Giri.