Pure Half-day detox program

Be a part in experiencing regenerative health benefits with Pure Spa - the pioneer of Detox in Vietnam:

  • Reset your system to crave healthy food
  • Jumpstart weight loss, ease diggestion
  • Boost your immune system
  • Promote beautiful & clear skin
  • Support detoxfication & De-stress

The Half-day detox package includes:

Sauna, steam & jacuzzi

Pamper yourself in the hot jacuzzi, steam bath and dry sauna at Pure Spa, your stress will be relieved after hard working days. Toxins in the body are then also excreted, bringing to you refreshment.

Aromatherapy massage

To invigorate the body, the gentle relaxing massage helps you to release fatigue with the gentle of Aromatherapy oils, your mind is relax, full of energy, and let go all off  anxiety fatigue.

Oxyjet facial treatment

Along with the sublimation of the body, your facial skin is also relaxed, toned, anti-aging, reducing wrinkles by combining natural products with modern Oxyjet technology to help rejuvenate the skin. Your skin will be smooth, bright and plump.

Colon hydrotherapy session

Continuing with the Half-day Detox, which is the process of eliminating impurities and toxins that have accumulated for a long time, Colon hydrotherapy supports the removal of toxic waste from the colon, by gently infuse warm water to clear away scum, mucus, undigested food, and accumulated toxins. From there, it helps to give the body new energy to strengthen immunity, more efficiently and healthier. This is absolutely not a weight loss diet method. But in the process of eliminating toxins from the body, it will help expend energy, dissolve excess tissue, thereby supporting effective weight loss, you can feel an improvement after the treatment.

Healthy snack

To complete the half day Detox package, a nutritious snack is prepared. Enjoy your food in joy, full of love with a half-day journey at Pure Spa, Naman Retreat.


  • Steam/ Sauna/ Jacuzzi - 30’
  • Aromatherapy massage - 60’
  • Oxyjet facial- 80’
  • Abdominal massage – 30’
  • Colon hydrotherapy -60’
  • Healthy snack - 40’

Price: See more at Pure Spa Menu 2023

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